Manage your investment portfolio as you would a sizable company

Portfolio management can quickly become too complex to handle alone.

Managing family wealth is very much like managing a business; without the right people in key positions, operations may be inefficient and costly. A better approach is to have the support of specialists in each focus area and an efficient, continuous information system for evaluating them and their progress toward meeting the desired objectives. Lastly, it is important to be able to make timely, sound decisions.

A tailored offer

iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers Inc. is dedicated to providing fully independent advice to high-net-worth private clients and foundations with complex wealth management needs.

Our role is to serve as personal family financial advisers. Our services are designed to fit your needs, and include formulating investment policies, developing an asset mix, selecting managers, managing risk and continuously monitoring the performance of the entire investment portfolio, preparing performance reports, coordinating the work and meeting with stakeholders, and negotiating fees.

We give top priority to your peace of mind about how your wealth is being managed, and ensure that a team of experts is continuously working with you, in the best interests not only of yourself, but also of future generations in your family.

We are proud of the fact that we supervise over $2 billion is assets for clients with portfolios in excess of $10 million.

Our values

What do the three "i" represent in iNFiNi-t?

Our approach

The professionals assigned to your account are the same individuals who will conduct the research, develop recommendations and implement the changes to your portfolio.



We will work closely with you to objectively identify your financial objectives. We will propose various options for structuring your portfolio to meet your objectives and satisfy our rigorous selection criteria. The final structure will identify the desired number of managers, the accepted asset classes and an optimal asset mix for your consolidated portfolio. We will also develop target investment policies for each manager.



We will advise you on manager selection (the specialists of your new company). This will give you access to higher returns. Drawing on our database, we can introduce you only to those managers that demonstrate above-average performance and will meet your selection criteria.

Our objectivity and knowledge of the managers enable you to start off on the right foot and avoid a costly and unproductive selection error.



We will evaluate the performance of your managers, such that you will now have the tools you need to make informed, timely decisions.

We will prepare monthly reports as well as more detailed quarterly reports.



Our multi-family office services include providing assistance with cash management, coordinating fund transfers and instalment payments, handling the bookkeeping and paying bills. A private concierge service is also available.

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