Portfolio management

A team of 5 investment professionals, some of whom have been working together for over 12 years.


Technology and databases

The following list illustrates our desire to acquire software and databases, or develop them internally, to improve the quality of our services to clients.

The sum total of our knowledge of the industry and technology allows us to apply an organized, fully documented and completely objective methodology to the process by which your managers will be selected. This knowledge and these technologies also allow us to continually re-evaluate these managers for you, once again by applying a fully objective approach.

Customer service

An important part of our service offer.


In addition to the team of portfolio managers overseeing your investment portfolios, we have an administrative team of analysts and administrators, led by Marie-Line Bérubé, CPA, CGA. The team consist of 5 seasoned professionals, some of whom have been contributing to the firm’s success for over 8 years. Our clients greatly appreciate the stability of the professional staff we have working with them.

Quality, tailored services

Quick, efficient action

Highly available, flexible professionals